POCID New Projects starting Monday September 13, 2021


  • Reddico Construction Company will begin air terminal installations on all sewer pits on Monday and has begun some preliminary work already on Washington & Taylor. They will be working mostly in the easements


  • 2021 Water & Sewer Improvement Project was awarded to Lester Construction.  Work on this project will also start on Monday in the vicinity of 9th St and Tyler.


  • Elevated Storage Rehabilitation crew will also be starting on Monday at the Tower on 16th and Harrison. We will using the water in the Elevated Storage tank until we get to approximately 30 PSI in the tower.  At that point we will switch to using the pumps at the ground storage tank and proceed to drain out the remaining water from the tank. IF YOU SEE WATER COMING OUT OF THE ELEVATED STORAGE TANK ON MONDAY, IT IS THE DISTRICT IN PREPARATION FOR THIS PROJECT.




Roll Off Dumpster

Roll Off Bin is scheduled for this weekend Saturday December 3, 2022. A 30 cubic yard roll-off bin will be located at the waste water treatment plant locate at 39 Denman. The bin will be there for 1 day. The bin will be used from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM or UNTIL FULL. POCID customers only may deposit large items like carpet, furniture, mattress, stove, etc. POCID Customers must sign in with their name and POC physical address. NO COMMERCIAL WASTE, this is for residential waste only. NO PAINT, TIRES, GAS CANS, FREON, BATTERIES, TREE TRIMINGS, PALM FRONS, YARD WATE OR ANY UNACCEPTABLE WASTE IN THE BIN.
*Please note you will have to show your water bill as proof.
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