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Your Board of Directors have begun an aggressive cost saving measures to save the District money.  As a result, a repayment plan was developed that has resulted in debt reduction savings of $968,658.02 and $302,536.91 in interest payments.  These two early payments saved the Port O’Connor residents $1,271,194.90.


TWDB Project No. 21750

All the work that was originally designed by Brown and Gay and the work from change orders to the project has been completed.   The balance of the funds remaining are being used to perform a valve & hydrant inventory & evaluation.

2016 TWDB Projects

Completed projects

Vacuum Station No. 2 Force Main

Vacuum Sewage Collection System Upgrade

Phase II Water System Improvements

Ongoing projects:

Phase III Water & Sewer System Improvements

Miscellaneous water & sewer improvements are under design

2020 TWDB DW SRF Bond Projects

Final environmental submittals have been made to TWDB.   TWDB has indicated that it will be the first part of 2021 before their review and approval will be completed.  The projects cannot be put out for bids until TWDB has approved all the environmental.  A public hearing on the environmental was held on December 10, 2020.

New Water Wells

The plans for the water wells have been completed and approval from TCEQ was received by letter dated 6/22/20.  A resubmittal for the new Well No 7 has been summitted to TCEQ for approval of the new well location. The proposed water wells will be summitted to the Calhoun County GCD for drilling & operation permits at their next meeting to be held on March 22, 2021.

Well Transmission Lines and RO Outfall

The plans for the well lines and RO discharge line are nearing completion subject to a revision to include the line to the new Well No. 7 location.   Plans have been summitted to TCEQ for review & approval.

Raw Water Ground Storage Tank

The plans and specifications for this project are complete and were approved by TCEQ by letter dated 6/2/20.  A revised submittal is being developed for a larger raw water storage tank based on design re-consideration with the inclusion of LaSalle to the water distribution system. Formal approval will not be given by TWDB until all environmental conditions have been met.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility

Design for this major project is proceeding. This is a major design project that includes a building, equipment, piping, electrical, controls, HVAC and chemical treatment. 

The original design concept is being modified due to the inclusion of LaSalle to the system. The RO capacity has been increased & the building has been increased in size to accommodate the additional equipment.

None of the 2020 Bond projects can be bid until all the environmental and permitting has been completed and approved by TWDB.  For TWDB to approve the completed Environmental Document the following are required.

  • Final design of all project components (See individual Project status above)
  • Engineering Feasibility Report (Completed and in Application)
  • Public meeting (held on Dec 10)

There will then be an approximate three-month time for review and approval by TWDB, provided there are no major problems with any of the submittals.

Because the wells will take the longest time for approval, at least 60 days after they are completed, the wells will be the first project of the 2020 Bond fund projects to bid.  Bidding of the other projects will be staged as appropriate depending on the time required for completion of the wells and to minimize on-site conflicts with multiple projects and contractors.

Elevated Storage Tank

This has been placed on hold until completion of the District Master Plan in order to better determine the needs of the District for water storage facilities.

Easement acquisitions

An exception to the sanitary control easement area that falls within the TXDOT RROW for SH185 still must be obtained from TCEQ. The revised and enlarged R/O outfall line easement has been obtained.  The sanitary control easement necessary for Well #7 has been drafted and is awaiting execution.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The health and safety of our customers and employees is a top priority of the Port O'Connor Improvement District board and management.  Below are a list of...

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