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Proposed Port O’Connor Water Wellfield

The District continues design and regulatory work on its proposed water wellfield to serve Port O’Connor.  The overall project consists of 4 individual design projects: Five (5) water wells and well collection lines, a raw water storage tank at the District’s water plant, a reverse osmosis system at the water plant to treat the well water, and a discharge outfall to the Intracoastal Canal for the reverse osmosis system.  Funding has been applied for and approved by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and will be closed on soon.  The Environmental Impact Determination has been accepted and approved by the TWDB and the District is awaiting final approval of the Engineering Feasibility Report.  Once all approvals and permits have been obtained and the funding has closed, the District will bid and construct the projects.

New Water Wells

Construction plans for 5 new water wells are complete and are currently being reviewed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and TWDB.  The District has been coordinating with the Calhoun County Groundwater Conservation District and will be applying for a permit for the new wells soon.   

Well Transmission Lines and RO Outfall

Construction plans are currently being reviewed by the TCEQ and TWDB.

Raw Water Ground Storage Tank

Construction plans are currently being reviewed by the TCEQ and TWDB.

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility

Design has been transferred to the District’s new engineer.  Plans are anticipated to be completed in Spring 2022. 


Elevated Storage Tank Rehab

The Elevated Storage Tank work is almost complete. The Contractor is looking to finish by the end of January. The district approved a new Logo at the board meeting this past Thursday and this is...

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POCID District Office

The New POCID DIstrict Service Center is starting to take shape. We are very excited to see the progress and can't wait for completion.

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