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Your Board of Directors have begun an aggressive cost saving measures to save the District money.  As a result, a repayment plan was developed that has resulted in debt reduction savings of $968,658.02 and $302,536.91 in interest payments.  These two early payments saved the Port O’Connor residents $1,271,194.90.


As of today, all the main lines for Lines A, B, C, and D have been installed. Line D is complete. Line C will be complete by the end of the day. We will begin swap over for Line B on Monday and expect the line to be complete the same day. We will begin swap over for Line A on Tuesday and expect it to be complete by Thursday. Our line crew will continue working on Line E on Monday and anticipate completion of the main line by the end of next week. Swap over of Line E will start at the end of next week. The following week will be final clean-up and dress up of all the lines, including some driveway dress ups as needed.

This schedule is weather permitting depending on what the disturbance in the Gulf decides to do.



Reddico Construction Company has been contracted by the Port O’Connor Improvement District to perform some improvements on the existing vacuum sewer system. These improvements include installation of new vacuum sewer mains to replace some of the existing vacuum sewer mains. The reason for the replacement is to increase flow capacity to the vacuum sewer station.
During the installation process, they will be working along street right of ways and in back lot easements. The construction area is a hazardous location and we ask, for your safety and our safety, that only authorized personal enter the construction area while they are working.
They will be placing door knockers on residences that will be affected during the construction process. They will be switching the new main lines with the existing main lines in coordinated sections in order to prevent as much disruption to the vacuum sewer system as possible. In most cases, the residence will not notice any interruption to their sewer service. In the event there is an issue that interrupts a residence’s sewer service longer than expected, they will notify the resident(s) that there is an issue with their service, give an approximate time of how long their service will be down and notify them when their service is back on line. All interruptions are expected to be back online the same day.

Texas Water Development Board Project 21750 has been completed and is now fully in service. Final cost of the project was $2.210,764. The Project included installation of approximately 2,300 feet of new 2-inch, 2,200-feet of new 4-inch, 21,600 feet of new 6-inch and 20,500 feet of new 8-inch water line and 44 new fire hydrants.


2016 Texas Water Development Board Project Updates

Vacuum Station 2 Force Main has been completed. The Vacuum Sewage Collection System Upgrade is under construction and should be completed with the next 30 – 45 days. Bids are being received on the Phase II Water System Improvements Project on September 4, 2020.  This project will install approximately 16,700 feet of new 6-inch water line and nine fire hydrants.  Additional water and/or vacuum sewer lines may be installed by change order or new projects to further utilize bond funds that have been committed to expansion of the water and sewer systems.


2020 Texas Water Development Board Project Updates

The plans for the new water wells and the connecting water lines are nearing completion as are the plans for a new raw water ground storage tank to be constructed at the Denman Road plant.  Design of the reverse osmosis treatment facility is progressing.  Upon completion of all of the environmental and permitting for the projects later this calendar year, construction of the projects should begin in early 2021.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The health and safety of our customers and employees is a top priority of the Port O'Connor Improvement District board and management.  Below are a list of...

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