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Texas Water Development Board Project 21750
is now complete and we are working on identifying any savings from the project with change orders to further improve our distribution system. One of those projects is Sherry St. A new 6" Line to include a fire hydrant.


2016 Texas Water Development Board Project Updates

Vacuum Station 2 Force Main has been completed. The Vacuum Sewage Collection System Upgrade designs have been completed & summitted to TCEQ. Phase II Water System Improvements design is 95% complete and will be ready to summit to TCEQ for approval.


2020 Texas Water Development Board Project Updates

The plans for the water wells should be completed & summitted to TCEQ in the next couple weeks. The topographic surveying is completed for the well lines & Reverse Osmosis discharge line. The plans for the Raw Water Ground Storage Tank are 98% complete & should be ready to summit for TCEQ approval soon. Preliminary design for the Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facility is underway. This is a major project with many different components.






Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

The health and safety of our customers and employees is a top priority of the Port O'Connor Improvement District board and management.  Below are a list of...

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